New GI Joe O-Rings Still Worth It???

Join Jay as he reviews the latest GI Joe O-Ring Revival 2 Pack of the Cobra Trooper and Cobra Officer. While a lot of us are excited that Hasbro is remastering and releasing O-Ring figures again. Their priceyness and exclusivity leave a lot to be desired. Jay left the last set excited to have the figures but weary on the cost, are things better or worse with the next set? Watch to find out!

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New GI Joe O-Rings! I Love Them, But They Dont Love Me…

We finally have Hasbro’s new GI Joe O-Ring figures in hand, and they’re great. But some of the choices with the line so far has this collector and parent who buys toys for his kids scratching his head. Join Jay as he takes a look at these great re-releases and hear him out on what he hopes Hasbro will do with the line in the future!

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