New Transformers Studio Series Are Up for Pre-Order!

The newest wave of Transformers Studio Series is now out for pre-order on all of the mainline toy sellers, including our affiliates Entertainment Earth, Amazon, and GameStop. The new figures are Core ClassBumblebee, Voyager Rhinox, Deluxe Brawn, and Gamer Megatron and Gamer Cliffjumper, as well as a Target Exclusive Buzzworthy Optimus Prime. They are all scheduled for release in August 2023. […]

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Hasbro Pulse’s Transformer Tuesday Fanstream Reveals + Preorder Links

Hasbro Pulse did their latest fanstream this morning revealing Wave 3 of Transformers Legacy: Evolution. Here’s what was revealed, pictures from the stream, and links to preorder through our affiliate Entertainment Earth, where you’ll automatically get free shipping on all domestic orders over $59. Transformers Legacy Evolution War Dawn 2-pack: Ariel and Dion; Confirmed Comic […]

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Hasbro Pulse 1027 Event Recap!

Join John and Jay as they recap all of the reveals from the Hasbro Pulse Premium 1027 event! Will there be any reveals or exclusives of note? We’ll breakdown them all during this post show livestream!

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Hasbro Pulse Con 2022 Wrap Up!

Join John and Jay with special Guests Dan Larson from Secret Galaxy and Toy Shiz as they Wrap up the 2022 Pulse Con event giving out superlatives from best and worst reveals of the show and more. They’ll also check in on the progress of the Ghost Rider Haslab. Talk about an amazing new figure set from the Four Horseman and look at some new images of upcoming Masters of the Universe figures!

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Hasbro Pulse Con 2022 Day 1 Recap!

Join Jay and John with special guests Dan Who Reviews as they recap all of the reveals from Day 1 of Hasbro’s Pulse Con 2022. Transformers, Power Rangers, Starting Lineup, Fortnight and Marvel Legends all brought new stuff to the table, join us live to share thoughts on all of them!

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Hasbro Pulsecon 2022 Predicitions!!

Join John and Jay as they share their predictions for the upcoming Hasbro Pulsecon fro 2022. Just about every major brand hasbro has is showcasing something, what do you think they’ll reveal for their biggest event of the year?

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Is Hasbro + Robosen Optimus Trailer a Buy or a Pass?

Join John and Jay as they talk about the latest in toy news like Hasbro’s big Fan First Tuesday event for the Transformers and Power Rangers toy lines including a fully robotic trailer to go along with their self transforming Optimus Prime. They’ll also talk about Super7 Unveiling their next wave of Silverhawks. We’ll also try to Stump John all of that and more tonight on Toy Geeks!

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Hasbro Pulse-Con Day 1 Recap! Haslab Proton Pack?!?

Join John and Jay along with Ryan from Yes Have some as they discuss all the reveals from the first day of Hasbro’s Pulse-Con. Ghostbusters had a surprise sneak peek. Power rangers fans got a Lord Zed head. Transformers fans got a translucent Galvatron, and Stars Fans get a $350 dollar Rancor! all of that and more will be discussed tonight on Toy Geeks!

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Hasbro Pulse Con 2021 Predictions!

Join John and Jay on a special mid day edition of Toy Geeks! as they share their predictions ahead of Hasbro Pulse con! Will the event have some amazing reveals? Or will it be a let down? Join in the discussion live or let us know in the comments what you think will happen this weekend!

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Hasbro’s Ghostbusters Afterlife : Transformers Ectotron Ecto-1 Review!

#ghostbusters #transformers #hasbro
We review the latest Ghostbusters Afterlife toy to hit toyshelves. The Afterlife version of Ectotron the crossover transformer that is both an autobot and the iconic Ecto-1 from Ghostbusters and now Ghostbusters Afterlife!

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