Super7 Cat’s Lair, Nearly There! So Close to Early Bird Key!

Join John and Jay as they talk about the latest in Toy News! The Cat’s Lair is super close to funding AND hitting its Early Bird target. We’ll check in on the Haslab Ghost as well as some of the other news items we missed from SDCC and more!

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Super7 SDCC Booth with Kyle! Cat’s Lair, Silverhawks, TMNT and More!

Join Jay with Kyle from Super7 as he walks us through all of the Super7 SDCC reveals at their booth! We go over all of the big Super7 reveals including the MASSIVE Cat’s Lair, Silverhawks, TMNT, Godzilla and more!

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Only $650 for Super7’s MASSIVE Thundercats Cat’s Lair?!

Join John and Jay as they break down the latest in Toy News. Bryan Flynn recently confirmed in an interview that the ultimates scale Cat’s Lair will sell for $650 plus a flat rate of $100 for shipping. Coming in MUCH lower than we both expected. Mondo teased their upcoming SDCC exclusive MOTU figure, a laughing Prince Adam. Super7 has started to drop all of their SDCC exclusives, and Mattel is bringing back their 12 days of fandom as they gear up to reveal their con exclusives. McFarlane brought another Batmobile set with an 89 style Keaton bats, but it sold out super fast. We’ll talk about all of that and more tonight on Toy Geeks!

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