Hasbro Pulse’s Transformer Tuesday Fanstream Reveals + Preorder Links

Hasbro Pulse did their latest fanstream this morning revealing Wave 3 of Transformers Legacy: Evolution. Here’s what was revealed, pictures from the stream, and links to preorder through our affiliate Entertainment Earth, where you’ll automatically get free shipping on all domestic orders over $59.

Transformers Legacy Evolution War Dawn 2-pack: Ariel and Dion; Confirmed Comic Con exclusive; Ariel has a removable pony tail and her blaster is the same one that Elita One has in a future episode.

Dino Bots:

  • Core Class Swoop; Transforms into pterodactyl; $11.99 [preorder link]
  • Core Class Scarr; Transforms into ankylosaurus; from the Monstrosity arc of the IDW comics. $11.99 [preorder link]

Deluxe Wave:

  • Transformers Legacy Evolution Deluxe G1 Beachcomber; Front grill becomes a hand-held machine gun. Alt dune buggy mode has pvc tires and double turbine engines on the back. Comes with the tiny green parakeet from the Golden Lagoon episode. $24.99 [preorder link]
  • Transformers Legacy Evolution Devcon; Gun fits with the two turbine blasters (5mm port compatible) that are in its spacecraft alt mode. Retooled from the studio series Blurr. $24.99 [preorder link]
  • Transformers Legacy Evolution Junkion Axelgrease; Female Decepticon junkion. Inverted color scheme from junkions with Decepticon purple. In alt mode, evil fusion capability allows for parts to mix and match with other junkions. $24.99 [preorder link]

Announcement that a patch refresh of Tarantulas will also be available in this wave.


  • Transformers Legacy Evolution Dirge $33.99 [preorder link]
  • Transformers Legacy Evolution Nemesis Leo Prime; Alt mode is a black lion with teal claws. Has a double piece blaster $33.99 [preorder link]
  • Transformers Generations Legacy Voyager Wave 6 Case of 3 Comes with two Leos and one Dirge. $101.99 [preorder link]

Leader Class:

  • Transformers Legacy Evolution Armada Megatron; Highly articulated with a lifting torso. Parts in bot mode are 5 mm compatible, including with future waves. $55.99 [preorder link]
  • Transformers Legacy Evolution Commander Armada Prime; Won’t be available for pre-order until April 18, 2023.
  • Transformers Legacy Evolution Titan Nemesis; A prototype of Titan class Nemesis was shown in both ship and bot forms, colors likely to change slightly. Has mini bots on arms and shins turn into weapons. Available for pre-order sometime in early May 2023. [Entertainment Earth, Amazon, GameStop]

Box artwork was also revealed for Armada Prime.

Space Bridge Studio Series:

  • Dark of the Moon Core Class Bumblebee
  • Deluxe Class 86 Brawn
  • War for Cybertron Gaming Cliffjumper Deluxe
  • War for Cybertron Gaming Voyager Class Megatron
  • Rise of the Beast Rhinox; Converts in 29 steps
  • Rise of the Beast Optimus Prime; Will be a Target exclusive