Four Horsemen’s Spectral Green Headless Horseman Preorders Open March 1

Pre-orders for Four Horsemen’s Figura Obscura Spectral Green Headless Horseman figure will begin on March 1, 2023. It will have a list price of $139.99 and can be pre-ordered ONLY through any of the websites on this list of approved Four Horsemen retailers. The Headless Horseman, which is a part of a 2-pack set of […]

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Finally, A Great Santa Figure? 4H’s Figura Obscura Father Christmas

Join Jay as the reviews what may finally be a GREAT Santa Claus action figure… The Four Horsemen’s Figura Obscura line has been small but mighty and their latest release may finally give us an awesome figure of ole St. Nick. Watch this 4K review to see if this figure is in fact great, and let us know what you think of the figure in the comment section below!

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