MOTU Origins 2021 Power-Con Exclusives Unboxing!

Join Jay on the first ever GDL Boxing Day Unboxing Live Stream! For this maiden voyage, Jay is finally going to open up all of the MOTU Origins Exclusives from the 2021 Power Con. This includes the Maniacal Mimics, Mysteries of Grayskull and the Evil Horde 4 Pack.

00:00 Start
02:40 RIP Mark Taylor
05:27 Horde 4 Pack
26:50 First Power-Con Exclusive Card Pack
30:08 Faker and Duplicat
41:43 Mysteries of Grayskull
52:33 Power-Con Cards Completed

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Power-Con 2021 Exclusives Packaging Revealed! New MOTU Origins!

Join John and Jay as they talk about the latest in toy news like the packaging for the Power-Con MOTU Origins Exclusives packaging being revealed. As well as lists for new MOTU Origins Figures, and NECA TMNT figures getting leaked. All that and more on Toy Geeks!

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The Power Con Sell Out, What’s Next for MOTU Exclusives?

Join John and Jay as they discuss the latest in toy news like the unexpected quick sell out of all of the Power-con 2021 exclusive toys. Super7 and Neca continuing to compete for TMNT dominance. We also talk about Hasbro’s upscale Infinity Saga Marvel Legend figures. We’ll share our latest toy hauls and try to Stump John!

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