Next Dragonfly Haslab Tier Revealed! It’s Glenda!

Join Jay with special guest Ken from Toy Kennections as we break down the next Tier Unlock in Hasbro’s latest GI Joe Haslab Operation Dragonfly! Jane “Glenda” Mullighan may have not been on many if anyones predictions list but she is the next tier unlock at 16,000 backers. Will this figure be enough to drive more sales? We’ll discuss on this episode of Toy Geeks!

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Next GI Joe Classified Haslab Rumors Swirl around Dragonfly?

Join John and Jay as they discuss the rumors that the next GI Joe Classified Series Haslab is going to be a 3ft Dragonfly with multiple figures. Sources countering these claims hit the net almost as soon as the rumors first arrived. Is this a good sequel to the very successful Hisstank Haslab or should they go in a different direction? Join in the discussion on this special edition of Toy Geeks!

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