Next GI Joe Classified Haslab Rumors Swirl around Dragonfly?

Join John and Jay as they discuss the rumors that the next GI Joe Classified Series Haslab is going to be a 3ft Dragonfly with multiple figures. Sources countering these claims hit the net almost as soon as the rumors first arrived. Is this a good sequel to the very successful Hisstank Haslab or should they go in a different direction? Join in the discussion on this special edition of Toy Geeks!

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Hasbro’s Preorder Panic | Supply Chain Brings Toys Faster

Join John and Jay as they talk about the latest in toy news. A clearer supply chain has brought a TON of Hasbro preorders faster than toy collectors predicted. Four Horsemen unveiled the Father Christmas figure in the Figura Obscura line. Super7 brings wave 7 of their Thundercats line. Hasbro has a Temple of Doom Indy figure, and Deathsaurus backs with plenty of time to spare. What are the chances it hits any of its bonus tiers? We’ll talk about all of that and more tonight on Toy Geeks!

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Hunting GI Joe Classified, One Last Haslab’s Sentinel Tier, RIP DC Direct on Toy Geeks!

Streamed live! John and Jay talk about their toy hauls including finding new G.I. Joe Classified figures by Hasbro. They talk about the incredibly huge and already backed Sentinel from Haslabs getting one last tier to unlock. They also say goodbye to DC Direct after 22 years of awesome action figures. All this and more on this weeks Toy Geeks!

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