Haslab Galactus Vs. Sentinel, Who’s Best?

#shorts #marvellegends #haslab Having both Giant Marvel Legends, I’ve wondered which one is best… The great Army Builder or the devourer of worlds? Let me know what you think!

Watch my full review of the Haslab Galactus!

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Top Toys of 2021 : Our Final Favorites

Join John and Jay as they share their Top Toys of 2021. It’s been another crazy year in toy collecting and now with a week or so left in the year, John and Jay will share their favorite toys that they bought in 2021!!

They’ll share their toy hauls and try to Stump John, all of that and more tonight on Toy Geeks!

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Hunting GI Joe Classified, One Last Haslab’s Sentinel Tier, RIP DC Direct on Toy Geeks!

Streamed live! John and Jay talk about their toy hauls including finding new G.I. Joe Classified figures by Hasbro. They talk about the incredibly huge and already backed Sentinel from Haslabs getting one last tier to unlock. They also say goodbye to DC Direct after 22 years of awesome action figures. All this and more on this weeks Toy Geeks!

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