Our Top Toys of 2022: Who Impressed, Who Disappointed

Join John and Jay as they look back on the last year of Toy Collecting. Which toys were our top releases of the year? Which releases disappointed? Be a part of the discussion for our 2022 Wrap Up on New Years Day!

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Haslab Galactus Vs. Sentinel, Who’s Best?

#shorts #marvellegends #haslab Having both Giant Marvel Legends, I’ve wondered which one is best… The great Army Builder or the devourer of worlds? Let me know what you think!

Watch my full review of the Haslab Galactus!

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Haslab Galactus: He’s HUGE, but Worth the Cost?

Join Jay as he reviews the BIGGEST Marvel Legend ever and most successful Haslab ever, Galactus. It’s an incredible set, but is it worth the high price tag? Watch this 4k review to find out!

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Is Haslab Galactus A Must Buy?

Join John and Jay as they share their thoughts on the latest in toy news. With the Haslab Galactus backed, Jay debates whether or not he should take the plunge on the $400 world (and wallet) eater. They’ll talk about the possibility that Powercon MOTU Origins Exclusives will not be available at the convention. They’ll also talk about the very expensive and not so great reveal of Mattel Creations Street Sharks.

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2021 Comic-Con Exclusives and Reveals! Haslab Galactus, Super7 GI Joe, NECA Gargoyles and more!

Join John and Jay as they talk about ALL of the reveals that a ton of toy companies like Mattel, Hasbro, NECA, Super7 and more have dropped over the past week in leu of revealing them at San Diego Comic-Con.

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