MOTU Origins Sharella BONUS TIER at 12k??

Join John and Jay as they cover the week in toy news like the potential leak of a bonus tier for the Mattel Creations Eternia Playset. We also talk about the official release of the MONDO MOTU Battle Cat, The NECA Back to the Future Accessory set, and more!

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Moaty the MOST Expensive MOTU Origins Figure?

Join Jay as he breaks down his thoughts on why the Eternia Moat Monster AKA “Moaty” may become the most expensive Masters of the Univers Origins figure ever!

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MOTU Origins Eternia is KILLING IT on Day ONE!

Join Jay and John with special guests as they talk about Day 1 of Mattels MASSIVE Eternia playset crowd fund. How does it look a few hours after going live, and when do we think it will fund. As well as if/when tiers could be unlocked!

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MOTU Origins Eternia Price Leaked?!

Join Jay and John for a special MOTU toy news update. The instagram account Yo Tendo El Poder has potentially gotten intel on all the details for the upcoming backer sale of the Eternia Playset on Mattel Creations. Watch to get all of the details!

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