Toy Geeks! Ep. 003 “Reissued Toys, Good or Bad?”

On this episode John and Jay discuss reissued toys and whether or not they are good for toy collecting and the value of vintage toys.

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Toy Geeks! Ep. 002 “Favorite Toy Stores from our Youth!”

Do you have a favorite place that you bought toys from as a kid? John and Jay share their favorite places to buy toys as a kid. John grew up in New England and Jay grew up in San Diego, what regional differences did they have? Find out on this latest episode of Toy Geeks!



Toy Geeks! Ep. 001 “Top 5 Favorite Childhood Toys”

On this premiere episode of Toy Geeks!, John and Jay share their top 5 favorite toys from their childhood. This podcast is a new show that shares a passion for action-figure and toy collecting!

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