Toy Geeks! Ep. 003 “Reissued Toys, Good or Bad?”

On this episode John and Jay discuss reissued toys and whether or not they are good for toy collecting and the value of vintage toys. Be sure to email us your feedback to and leave a us a 5 star review on iTunes which we may read on a future episode!

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Hasbro’s Real Ghostbusters Variants! Review of 3 Variants from Kenner Classics’ First Release

We review Hasbro’s 3 different variations of the Real Ghostbusters Kenner Classics cardbacks. From the two US variations and the non US cardback that have been delivered to people that pre-ordered the figures.

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Super 7 Toxic Crusaders Ultimates Toxie Review! New Four Horseman MOTU Classics Scaled Figure!

#super7 #toxiccrusaders #toxie
We review the new Four Horseman sculpted Toxic Crusaders Deluxe Toxie figure by Super 7. We go side by side with the original Playmates toyline, capturing how well Super7 and Four Horsemen Studios captured this 90’s classic.

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Toy Hunting! Masters of the Universe Classics, Toxic Crusaders, Centurions and more!

#toyhunting #mastersoftheuniverse #toxiccrusaders
Hitting up the first toy show in the state since the pandemic outbreak, Jay safely toy hunts before the show opens getting some figures on his hunt list.

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Check out Blake’s Toy Chest for vintage toy goodness!

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Toy Geeks! Ep. 002 “Favorite Toy Stores from our Youth!”

Do you have a favorite place that you bought toys from as a kid? John and Jay share their favorite places to buy toys as a kid. John grew up in New England and Jay grew up in San Diego, what regional differences did they have? Find out on this latest episode of Toy Geeks! […]

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Collecting Toys, What got us hooked? Star Wars Power of the Force 2, and Toy Biz X-Men!

#poweroftheforce #toybiz #toygeeks
Toy Geeks! A new podcast from the producers of Geek. Dad. Life. Subscribe now on Apple Podcasts!

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Hasbro’s Ghostbusters Afterlife Fright Features Figure Review!

We review the new Ghostbusters Afterlife Action Figures by Hasbro! These figures have been delayed till the launch on the film in March of 2021 but we were able to get a set of the core 4 Ghostbusters to review 8 months ahead of its intended release!

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This review features some pictures of the other toys in this line that were shot at NY Toy Fair by Bleeding Cool. Def check it out for more great info revealed by Hasbro.

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