Did Ramen Toy FIX the McFarlane 89 Batmobile?

Join Jay as he installs the Ramentoy CAG upgrade set that looks to improve your existing McFarlane Batmobile(s). How did it turn out? Watch this review to find out!

Link to purchase the set!

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GDL Review: The Most Powerful Stand in the Universe

Are you tired of your MOTU figures falling over on your shelf? Do you wish you had more to go with your figures that will make them stand out in your display? Well, Ramen Toy Store may have a solution for you.  The Most Powerful Stand in the Universe is a new creation by Ramen […]

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Best Toy Company of the 90s? You Will Decide!!

Join John and Jay for the 100th Episode of Toy Geeks! For this special occasion they will be hosting a special Toy Showdown between Jay and Ryan Doell from YHS Toy Anxiety as they try and convince a live audience to pick Playmates or Toy Biz for best Toy Company of the 90’s. A live Poll will be running in the chat, so YOU the viewer will decide.

But! It wont just be Toy Biz and Playmates, Kenner/Hasbro and Mcfarlane Toys will be options to vote for as well!

We’ll have Special Guests joining the show as well like:

Yes Have Some:

Toy Shiz:

Mad Hatter Reviews:

Ramen Toy:

From 4-Lom to Zuckuss:

Mega Jay Retro:

Ryan Ting:

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