GDL Review: The Most Powerful Stand in the Universe

Are you tired of your MOTU figures falling over on your shelf? Do you wish you had more to go with your figures that will make them stand out in your display? Well, Ramen Toy Store may have a solution for you. 

The Most Powerful Stand in the Universe is a new creation by Ramen Toys. It is a figure and card display stand available now for presale through their website, sold in a pack of six and available in three different colors.  With this stand, Ramen hopes to give you a more dynamic display for all of your action figures, especially your Masters of the Universe ones.

The Most Powerful Stand in the Universe was clearly designed and produced with MOTU in mind. Ramen Toys is a smaller overseas outfit that tries to fill gaps for toy collectors that the bigger players leave open. The stands fall right into that niche. The MOTU output from Mattel has been massive since they re-launch the brand in 2020, giving us figures, vehicles, and playsets, all supporting different properties and scales. Despite the plethora of exciting new products, something Mattel has not made, are stands to keep your figures upright on your toy shelves.

So, the door was open for Ramen to make those stands. The first wave gives us three different colors that are firmly in the MOTU wheelhouse, coming in red, green, and purple. The packaging is really simple, using a two-toned approach, showing the color of the stand on a white backdrop. The stand’s packaging and logo is an homage to the MOTU logo and blasting rocks art – the latter which ties directly into the stand’s design.

Assembling the Stand

The assembly for the stands is fairly simple and straightforward, but the sets do include directions to help you put your stand together. I will say all the pieces that I had to connect together were really tight and took some elbow grease to get them all locked into place. This was especially true for the foot peg. It was a pain in the neck to try to get it in with my bare hands so I ended up putting the peg into the foot peg hole of the figure and then pushing it into the hole in the stand. I also love how they used the “He-Man H” logo to be the connector piece that links the stands together. It’s a really fun way to add more functionality to these stands.

Another feature is the ability to place your MOTU Origins (or vintage) cardback into the stand. This really only works with this style of cardbacks, but it’s another clever feature addition that takes these to another level. 

Once you have them all set up, they look really cool. I personally like to display my figures around playset and vehicles to create a diorama feel, but if you’re more into displaying just your figures on a shelf, then The Most Powerful Stand in the Universe makes your figures really pop while also ensuring they don’t fall over. I personally won’t be adding anymore of these stands to my collection, but I will use these to highlight some of my favorite figures that don’t currently fit into my MOTU display. 

A big thanks to Matt Bush who sent these stands in for me to review!