Toy Geeks! Ep. 012 “Mattel Batman that Never Was, Hasbro Pulse Con Updates, and Toy Hall of Fame Finalists!”

John and Jay share the latest updates from Pulse Con from Hasbro, Talk about the 12 finalists for this years Toy Hall of Fame inductees. The Batman figure that Mattel never made and more!

0:00 Start
1:25 Hasbro Pulse Con Updates
7:54 New NECA Jaws Bartin M’rody figure 😉
13:10 Recent Toy Hauls
33:14 Mattel Batman that Never Was
44:25 New Mandarin Spawn
50:42 Toy Hall of Fame Finalists
54:28 Insider Hasbro Knowledge from Investor Meeting
58:55 Closing

Toy Geeks! Ep. 011 “Baroness Found! Chief Brody Cancelled, Hasbro Pulse Rant and more!”

John and Jay share their latest toy hauls including Jay finally finding a GI Joe Classified Baroness! They talk about one of the biggest bummers of the past year in toys, the cancellation of the Chief Brody figure from NECA. Jay shares a small rant about Hasbro Pulse and they share a one of a kind Real Ghostbusters Ecto-1by Kenner. Which leads into a discussion of how to restore childhood survivor toys. All that and more on todays Toy Geeks!

Toy Geeks! Ep. 010 “Hunting GI Joe Baroness and the Most Overdone Toys of All Time!”

Today on Toy Geeks John and Jay share their latest toy hauls. Jay shares his experience of spending a whole week hitting up tons of Targets for the elusive exclusive GI Joe Baroness. The close out the show talking about the most overdone toylines of all time. Toylines that actually made too many toys negatively impacting their legacy.

Toy Geeks! “New G.I. Joes, One Last Haslabs Sentinel Tier, and RIP DC Direct”

On this episode John and Jay share their latest toy hauls including finally getting their hands on those new 6 Inch GI Joe classified figures from hasbro. They also talk about the new and last Haslabs Sentinel Tier and the Death of DC Direct. All that and more on this episode of toy geeks!

Toy Geeks! Power-Con Post-Con Recap!

Join John and Jay in a live Post-Convention Recap after the last MOTU panel at this years virtual Power-Con. The hosts of the action figure enthusiast podcast “Toy Geeks! ” will share their thoughts on all the Masters of the Universe reveals from the biggest yearly event for MOTU fans!

Toy Geeks! Ep. 007 “The Hunt for MOTU Origins”

On this episode of Toy Geeks! John and Jay drive across the Middle of North Carolina to find some of the new Masters of the Universe Origins figures by Mattel. Where they successful? Listen to find out!



Toy Geeks! Ep. 006 “Best Movie Toys Ever!”

On this episode of Toy Geeks! John and Jay talk about the best movie based action figures of all time (according to them!) Agree or disagree? Shoot us an email at: to let us know what you think!

Toy Geeks! Ep. 005 “The Worst Movie Action Figures”


On this episode of Toy Geeks! John and Jay share what they think are the WORST actions figures based on a movie of ALL TIME.


Toy Geeks! Ep. 004 “Biggest Collecting Regrets!”

On this episode John and Jay share some of their biggest toy collecting regrets. What are some of yours? Write us at!



Toy Geeks! Ep. 003 “Reissued Toys, Good or Bad?”

On this episode John and Jay discuss reissued toys and whether or not they are good for toy collecting and the value of vintage toys.

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