How BIG is an Eternia Playset?

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With the new MOTU Origins Eternia Playset incoming a lot of toy collectors want to know how much space will they need if they buy one? We don’t know the exact measurements yet, but I can measure the original Eternia to give us a sense of what to plan for!

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SDCC Exclusive 40th Anniversary MOTU Set!

#GDLSDCC #MOTU #geekdadlife Getting the 40th Anniversary MOTU Masterverse set was a hassle at this years San Diego Comic Con. Now that I have it at home, was the set worth all the hassle?Join Jay as he unboxes and shares his thoughts on this Comic Con exclusive Masterverse 2 pack that gives us classic looks for He-Man and Skeletor with premium appointments and die cast weapons!

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Post SDCC 2022 Recap! Every Big Toy Reveal!

#gdlsdcc #toygeeks #geekdadlife Join Jay and John as they go over all of the big Toy reveals from the 2022 San Diego Comic Con! From that insane Eternia Playset Reveal, to GI Joe Classified firing on all cylinders to Star Wars team, doing star wars team things. There is so much to discuss from Mattel, Hasbro, NECA, Super7, Jazwares and more!

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Mattel’s SDCC 2022 Booth Walkthrough!

Join Jay as he walks through the ENTIRE Mattel booth at SDCC 2022! From Masters of the Universe, Jurassic Park/World, WWE, Lightyear, Hotwheels and Monster High Jay will capture it all to give you the full Mattel booth experience at the 2022 San Diego Comic Con!

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MOTU Origins Eternia Playset Walk Through!

Join Jay as he takes a look at the MOTU Origins Eternia Playset in all its glory at San Diego Comic Con! Mattel has surprised us all

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How to get the Exclusives YOU Want at SDCC!

Join Jay as he shares tips on buying SDCC exclusive toys, from his 15+ years of hunting exclusives from San Diego Comic Con. First time going to SDCC? First time trying to go after those sweet SDCC Exclusives? Watch this How To video that shares Jay’s favorite tips to nab the exclusives you want and more!

Unofficial SDCC Blog Exclusives List:

Exhibit hall map!:

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Every 2022 SDCC Exclusive Breakdown!

#gdlsdcc #toygeeks #geekdadlife Join John and Jay as they breakdown all the exclusives from every major player in the Adult Collectible game. Mattel, Mondo, Super7, NECA, and kinda Hasbro. MOTU, GI Joe, Godzilla, Jurassic Park, Batman, TMNT, Dungeons & Dragons and Star Wars, just about every fandom is served and we’ll break it all down and show you how you can buy tonight on Toy Geeks!

Link to SDCCBlogs Exclusives List:

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